50 Parties Wikia

Hey Sweetlips and Jimbo - I missed meeting you in offshore China, but I had a cool excuse writing speeches for Namibia's Prime minister and Minister of Information for locally relevant ICT policy fora, while yo'all were eating fine oriental low cholestrol cuisine in Taipei!

I do have a really cool venue for one of the 50 parties you're proposing ! Please visit my flickr - tatejoris - for some tantalising visuals, AND be assured that your Namibian hosts will secure very appropriate off-grid ICT solutions to make yo'all comfortable in such an amazingly remote desert space - courtesy of SchoolNet Namibia's connexion with upstream VSAT and other wifi service providers!

Here is one of several URLs to keep you in touch with Namibian reality !


2.5 hours comfortable drive from Namibia's capital Windhoek, this IS the place to have a party - ideally with a full moon!

It';s your call ! SchoolNet Namibia is more than willing to host such a party!

Kind regards (and Heather - what can I say - I miss you dearly :-)!



Dearest Joris,

Well, you do know how to propose a party, don't you! We did miss you desperately in Taipei but I'm glad you had a good excuse ;) I am busy trying to work this one out with Jimmy because this here party sounds fab-bloody-dacious!

Perhaps we could arrange something where we do a Wikipedia Academy with SchoolNet Namibia at the same time and get locals to learn how to write articles in local languages :)

Lets work this out!