50 Parties Wikia

What's a party without any rules?

We've started making some simple rules (well, actually, I've started making some rules because Jimbo seems to be asleep on the job - are you there, Jimbo? Wakey wakey?!) In the spirit of making-it-up-as-we-go-along (and to another rule to the mix) party organizers must add one rule to this list not later than one week after their party (lets call this Rule 0 since we're all wanna-be geeks :).

The first 3 rules were announced by Heather in a secret location where high level discussions are currently progressing on the matter. See http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4257881443.

Rule 1: Participants must contribute something to the commons as a way of gaining entry to the party.

Obviously there are many ways of encouraging this, ensuring that this happens and hanging offenders - we leave this up to party organizers to decide.

It is up to organizers to provide simple definitions of what qualifies as 'free content' to potential party-goers - see http://freedomdefined.org/Definition as a good example (mud and/or jelly wrestling over definitions is encouraged) and to get participants to show proof of cc-licenced flickr photos, wikipedia entries or other 'free content' to enter party area (we also encourage small booths outside party area to show yet-to-comply party goers how to make their first wikipedia edit etc).

Rule 2: Tell iCommons about your party.

Within one week of the party, party organizers must write an article about their party (pics and video welcome!) on icommons.org. Just register on the site and publish your article. Make sure you include 3 hints and tips for future party goers on making the party a success.

Rule 3: Toast to the 50 parties club (preferably with local beer).

At the beginning of your party, you should make sure to mention which number party you are holding and show pictures of people at parties-that-have-gone-before. Most importantly, you must toast to the 50 parties club and tell people how important it is to share and to get involved in building the global commons.

Rule 4: You must invite iCommoners, Creative Commoners and Wikipedians to your event.

The best way to do this, I guess, would be to a) add your event to the icommons agenda and post on the mailing list b) post on the cc-community mailing list and introduce yourself early on to CC project leads in your country c) Wikipedians? Jimmy? any ideas?

Rule 5: Your party should try to be gender balanced. This is all good and proper. Sometimes with the free software community and Wikipedia community we have toooooo many boys and not enough girls! Try to balance it out! It's more fun that way.

Rule 6: To be added by Elizabeth, Kevin and James by Tuesday the 28th of July (punishment for not complying: listening to 3 hours of Kenny G http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_g).