This page is all about the 50 Parties Wikia.

Heather and I want to see 50 parties with a mix of people, all over the world. Heather and I will attend what ones we can but this is about getting Wikipedians, iCommons, CC and FSF people, etc. together!

Parties! Not just Wikipedia meetups, but parties with people from a variety of free culture projects. Gender balanced parties. Minimum of 20 people. Wikipedians, artists, programmers, etc.

Party with a purpose!

We need help working out the details of figuring out what counts as a successful party. The idea is to have 50 of these by next year's Wikimania.

You have to have at least 20 people.

They have to be diverse people from different projects. Not too many boys.

You have to post pictures. :)

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