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Date: Saturday 15th September

Venue: Deer Park Cafe, 2 Deerpark Drive, Vredehoek, Cape Town

Time: From 5:30 pm - 10:30 at The Deer Park Cafe, a couple of talks throughout the evening (nothing formal - just some idea-sharing).

Price: Free to attend, just pay for your own drinks and food


Map to DeerPark Cafe

Who's Helping Out: Add your name to the list if you can help out - the more the better! Contact Dave (the guy at the top of the list) by email with ideas or sponsorship

We need help fulfilling the following vision:

Gather about 100 people who have a shared interest in open-content and free-digital-culture in SA.

  • A cocktail party - snacks and vino
  • Some live music
  • Some talks (contact Dave@huddlemind.com if you'd like to book a 5min speaking slot)

WikiMania 2008 Bid

There will be a short meeting beforehand (starting just before 5pm?) to discuss the Cape Town WikiMania 2008 bid - please come along if you're interested.


We have four musicians playing on the night:

Anybody who can help out with sound equipment, let us know. We need:

  • More microphones. You can never have too many mikes.
  • Leads. Lots of leads. We're always running out of leads.
  • A sub woofer with an amp to drive it. (>= 1kw)
  • An active crossover would go nicely with the sub but not essential.
  • DI boxes.

What's needed?

  • Some people
  • Any sponsorship that will add value to the experience

It's free to attend, but there are Party Rules

Who's coming?

Limited to 100 people - if you can't make it, please remove your name from the list so others can sign up...

  1. Heather Ford
  2. Dave Duarte
  3. Sarah Blake
  4. Steve Foerster
  5. Jimmy Wales
  6. Mark Surman
  7. Melissa Hagemann
  8. Julie Scott
  9. Elaine Rumboll
  10. Lisa Firer
  11. Max Kaizen
  12. Ian Gilfillan
  13. Anthony Faull
  14. Isa Jacobson
  15. Jonathan Hitchcock
  16. Eric Edelstein
  17. Shelly Levin
  18. Gavin Levin
  19. Miguel dos Santos
  20. David Mackie
  21. Francois Loubser
  22. Jeremy Thurgood
  23. Pieter van der Lingen
  24. One Laptop Per Child South Africa
  25. Henk Kleynhans
  26. Helen King
  27. Brett Simpson
  28. Althea Barry
  29. Andrea Milwidsky
  30. Katherine de Tolly
  31. Mark Widdicombe
  32. Adele Coetzee
  33. Auke Slotegraaf
  34. Stefano Rivera
  35. Deon Erasmus
  36. Tink Duncan
  37. Kevin McCauley
  38. Johann Botha
  39. Tracy Baving
  40. Fletcher Beadon
  41. Jonathan Carter
  42. Thomas
  43. Russell Cloran
  44. Lesley Andrews
  45. Andy Rabagliati
  46. Nikki Friedman
  47. Catherine Lückhoff - MANGO-OMC.COM
  48. Alan Alston
  49. Le Roux Bodenstein
  50. Karen Bruns
  51. Simon de Haast
  52. Bradley Knight
  53. Martin Slabber
  54. Melanie Voerman
  55. Lisa Petrides
  56. Eugene Smit
  57. Lonwabo Jobodwana
  58. Buntu Fihla
  59. Joshin Raghubar
  60. Tamsin Relly
  61. Andrew Rens
  62. Karien Bezhuidenhout
  63. Ahrash Bissell
  64. Philipp Schmidt
  65. Joy Olivier
  66. Delia Brown
  67. Glen Verran
  68. Jan Folmer
  69. Lauren Beukes
  70. Sam Christie
  71. Jacques Marneweck
  72. Adeline Biro-Levescot
  73. Thabo Mukwevho
  74. Jeanette le Roux
  75. Canda Kincses
  76. Wilbur
  77. LeoN Nortje
  78. Bolelang Rakeepile
  79. Ernst Kuschke
  80. Christiaan Stroebel
  81. David Wiley
  82. Tanya Odendaal
  83. David McLennan
  84. Dianne McNaughton
  85. Dominic Riordan
  86. Jaco Konig
  87. Johann V. Coetzee
  88. Darren Nesbitt
  89. Luxury Car Rental in Dubai
  90. Frauke Stegman
  91. Brian Benatar
  92. Qhama Dayile
  93. Bryn Divey
  94. Paul Muspratt-Williams
  95. Angela Muspratt-Williams
  96. Kristina Davidson
  97. Luxury Car Rental in Dubai
  98. MostFox
  99. Exotic Car Rental Dubai

List is closed at 100 people. Thanks for the support everyone:) If you didn't make it onto the list, don't worry because there will be another (and then some!)

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has". - Margaret Mead